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Welcome to free background wallpapers. This site contains high quality wallpaper photos of all kinds of things - mostly close ups, patterns of nature, water ripples, bark, stones, leaves, flowers and urban textures. Basically interesting backgrounds for your computer desktop. There's also a very interesting collection of abstract wallpaper backgrounds - and Fractal Art Wallpapers totally unique.

If you're looking for 'wider' images of nature - Landscapes, Sunsets, Lakes and Animals - then please visit my other website Free Nature Desktop Wallpapers.

Just click any of the pictures to go to the Wallpaper Galleries.

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Abstract Wallpaper Backgrounds

Extreme close up photographs of unusal thing, producing intersting, unique and colorful computer desktop backgrounds.
Abstract Backgrounds Gallery 1
Abstract Backgrounds Gallery 2
Abstract Backgrounds Gallery 3
Wood, Bark, leaves and tree wallpapers

Trees and Leaves Backgrounds

Wood wood wood, lots of woody things - bark patterns, leaf textures, fallen leaves and old decaying wood.
Trees, Wood, Bark & Leaves Gallery 1
Trees, Wood, Bark & Leaves Gallery 2
beach wallpaper backgrounds

Beach and Sand Background Wallpapers

Close ups and macro photography background wallpapers of Beaches, Sand and Shells with the odd bit of waves thrown in.

Beach Background Wallpaper Gallery 1
cloud and skies background wallpapers

Clouds and Skies Background Wallpaper

Wallpapers of clouds and sky patterns. Everything from huge dark storm clouds to whispy high cirrus.

Clouds and Skies Background Wallpaper Gallery 1
Flowers and plants close up Background Wallpapers

Flowers and Plant Wallpapers.

Details from within flowers and plants. Close ups of petals, stamen, seeds, flower heads and pollen.
Flower Background Wallpaper 1
Flower Background Wallpaper 2
Flower Background Wallpaper 3
Flower Background Wallpaper 4


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